Progressive probate teams use Probate Wizard
to capture more clients and generate revenue online


More and more, consumers demand a range of options particularly when it comes to self-help. We saw Probate Wizard as the ideal solution.


Tom Bridge, Stephensons Solicitors LLP


Every client is different so we think it is important to provide a range of services. For those who wish to DIY, we have partnered with The Law Wizard.


Patrick Mousley, Kings Court Trust


Probate Wizard is just the sort of modern, simple online experience we want to offer our clients. We have also been impressed by the attitude of The Law Wizard team.


Richard Allen, QS Lockings

Probate Wizard in under 90 seconds

The Law Wizard co-founders Rob and Tom explain how Probate Wizard
came about and how it helps probate teams generate revenue.

11 reasons to choose Probate Wizard

1. Probate Wizard helps you generate revenue online

Find out how, plus 10 other reasons to choose Probate Wizard

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